Hide & Drink Soft Leather Drawstring Pouch Handmade Swayze Suede

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Manufacturer Description

This Soft Leather Pouch with rustic accents is hand cut and hand crafted with the finest materials to give a stylish home to all those smaller items, leaving your pockets unencumbered. The 6.5 x 6.8 inch size means that is it spacious enough to fit your phone, wallet, coins, and other essentials. The medieval design makes it a great, eye-catching gift for friends and family, especially for those who are fanatics about history and renaissance fairs.

Hide & Drink's Sueyze Suede is a material that will last you generations. Our Full Grain Leather comes from the top layer of the hide, and has all the natural full grain characteristics of the hide...hence the name. It's the best leather you can buy and the only leather that we use.

Product Features
  • The Soft Leather Pouch holds all your coins, credit cards, headphones and cell phone and can be pulled closed securely drawstrings

  • Ideal for anyone and everyone, of all genders and ages

  • The Sueyze Suede made from Full Grain Leather ensure the product's long life, to be handed down to the next generation

Hide & Drink is a vertically integrated community-driven brand dedicated to support the local community in La Antigua, Guatemala. Our product is designed, sourced, and manufactured by local artisans for the benefit of local residents. Our wages are fair and we emphasize for-profit development through entrepreneurial education. In addition to creating jobs through the manufacturing and sale of our products, we contribute 5% of our Gross Profits to outstanding non-profit organizations in Guatemala.

Product Features

MEDIEVAL STYLE DESIGN DRAW STRING POUCH TO CARRY ALL YOUR ESSENTIALS: This Pouch is designed to be able to easily carry your coins, cards, headphones and cell phone in a style reminiscent of medieval times. The Pouch is made from the finest soft leather which also offers durability and protection for the contents. MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: The Pouch is hand-cut and handcrafted using only the highest quality Full Grain Suede Leather, which we lovingly call Swayze Suede. Our Swayze Suede is super soft to the touch, durable, attractive, and attains a unique patina after time and use. HANDCRAFTED USING A DELICATE PROCESS: Our Swayze Suede is manufactured using thorough and meticulous process. Once we remove the hair from the hide, we prepare the fibers for tannage. These tannins couple with the fibers, and converts into a leather and halts the decomposing process. Next, the leather is treated with oils and salts, creating a material that is durable and long-lasting. The leather is cut down and refined to get that beautiful, soft to the touch texture of our Swayze Suede. COMES WITH DRAWSTRING AND INTERNAL CLASP: With your valuables inside, we recognize the importance of making sure what goes inside stays inside! The Pouch can be closed using by pulling on the drawstrings, and held tight with spring-loaded beads. A metal clasp at the top of the Pouch means it can be easily attached to a belt or bigger backpack. SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This makes an excellent gift for friends, loved ones or family members. A perfect gift for your friend who loves those renaissance fairs, this Portable Soft Leather Pouch will last a lifetime and ages beautifully, making it a great gift for anyone and everyone.

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